Pasadena Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Have you ever been fired, demoted or treated differently than your colleagues because of your race, sexual orientation, pregnancy status or religious beliefs?

If so, you’ve been the victim of workplace discrimination.

Fortunately, the state of California has a robust set of laws that protect workers and help ensure that they are compensated when treated unfairly.

Workplace Discrimination in California: The Facts

Workplace discrimination can take many forms. Consider the following examples:

  • A company adopts a policy that disproportionately affects people in protected classes (sex, race, religious beliefs, medical conditions, sexual orientation etc.).
  • A company allows a hostile work environment where employees are harassed.
  • A company won’t hire, promote or interview people in certain protected classes.
  • A company fails to accommodate the disabilities or religious practices of workers.

All of these are common examples of workplace discrimination — a problem that impacts thousands of Californians each year

Those affected by workplace discrimination are protected by both federal and state law. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) both have a variety of statutes written to protect the rights of workers.

Successfully pursuing a discrimination claim under these laws, however, isn’t always straightforward. For example, FEHA does not apply to all employers (only those with more than five employees).

Because the workplace discrimation law can be quite complex, it’s typically a good idea to have an experienced legal advocate on your side. 

Finding a Los Angeles Workplace Discrimination Attorney to Fight for You

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