Pasadena Disability Discrimination Lawyer

Living with a disability is a challenge — but facing discrimination due to that disability is a shame. Yet every day, people with disabilities are treated differently by their employers, by commercial enterprises and by society at large.

Nobody with a disability should have to endure such treatment. Fortunately, if you have a disability, the law is on your side — as are experienced disability discrimination attorneys who can help you protect your rights.

Understanding Disability Discrimination

Under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act it is illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities. This means you cannot:

  • Refuse to make reasonable accommodations to your disabled employee
  • Refuse to make reasonable accommodations to your disabled guest
  • Refuse to make reasonable accommodation to your disabled customer

In California, disabilities are broadly defined. Someone with a significant mental or physical disability — or medical condition — must receive due accommodations.

Employers cannot evaluate job applicants based on disabilities and cannot ask about the nature or severity of any real or perceived disabilities.

Additionally, all California retail establishments, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and other public places must offer people with disabilities access to the same services offered to the general public.

What to Do if You’ve Been Victimized by Disability Discrimination

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