Pasadena Gender & Age Discrimination Lawyer

Everyone should be fairly evaluated on their own merits. Unfortunately, this standard is often violated by employers or other entities who discriminate based on age or sex.

Let’s take a closer look at what Californians need to know about age and gender discrimination, and how the law — and the right attorney — can help ensure that victims are treated fairly.

The Basics on Age and Gender Discrimination

Discrimination based on age or gender can take many forms, including the following:

  • You’re a 60-year-old employee who is terminated because of your age
  • You’re a mid-level female executive passed over for a role in the C suite because of your gender — even though you’re the most qualified candidate

Such scenarios are expressly outlawed under California’s Family Employment and Health Act, or FEHA. Under the terms of FEHA, nobody over the age of 40 can be discriminated against based on their age. In addition to employees, FEHA also covers job applicants who are older than 40.

In addition to age discrimination, FEHA also offers robust protections for workers who are fired, passed over, demoted or otherwise unfairly treated on the basis of their gender.

California law also mandates that it’s illegal for employers to pay employees of the opposite gender a different wage or offer a different compensation package for equal work.

How the Right Age and Gender Discrimination Attorney Can Help

Suffering age or gender discrimination is often a traumatic experience. However, an attorney with specific experience in age and gender discrimination cases can help you protect your rights and receive fair compensation.

Contact L&B Law Group today to learn more about how we can help you receive everything to which you’re entitled as the result of age or gender discrimination.