Delta Flight Attendant’s Union Raises Concerns About Toxic Uniforms

June 12, 2020 / Personal Injury
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Could flight attendants with Delta Airlines have been exposed to toxic elements embedded within their own uniforms?

According to a recent communication from the leaders of the Delta Flight Attendant Union to its members, there have been a flurry of complaints from workers about the safety of their garments. The flight attendant garments, which use Lands End fabrics, were first introduced in 2018. They include outerwear coats, aprons, shirts, wool-blend pants and other items of clothing.

And, since they were first introduced by management, these clothing items have been the source of numerous complaints by flight attendants.

To get to the bottom of these complaints, the flight attendant union collected uniform samples (still in unopened bags) from flight staff and had them sent to a lab for analysis.

The results uncovered some serious issues.

How Delta’s Uniforms Fared on Toxicology Screenings

According to lab studies, some of the uniforms in question tested positive for “a toxic fluorinated chemical called PFOA, plus an assortment of other stain retardants, in fabric samples from four aprons.” The union reports that “PFOA is immunotoxic and there is evidence that it may be carcinogenic in humans.”

Delta’s lab analysis also found the presence of hexavalent chromium in the overcoats. The analysis said that “the total chromium content of the red fabric (which is usually dominated by trivalent chromium) was almost 10 times more than what the H&M (the clothing store) fabric standard would allow.”

Lab analysis also discovered that pants for both men and women had been treated with formaldehyde. The union claimed that “the formaldehyde content of both types of shirts were within allowed limits, but the presence of formaldehyde could still elicit a reaction if you are either allergic to it or have sensitive skin. Also, formaldehyde is carcinogenic.”

While these reports have uncovered possible issues, a separate toxicology report sponsored by Delta reportedly found no issues. The union, however, is treating this was considerable skepticism.

Advice for Affected Flight Attendants

The Delta Flight Attendant’s Union offers a range of suggestions for either dispensing with affected uniforms or coming up with alternatives that lower risk. In addition to taking common sense steps like these, those who believe they have been exposed to harm may also with to contact an experienced attorney.

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